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            Welcome to Bester!

            • Top 100 Service Enterprises in Hubei

              In September 2019, China Bester again won the honor of Top 100 Enterprises in Hubei Service Industry. The list has been published for two consecutive years. China Bester ranked in the list for two consecutive years,...
            • Top 100 Service Industry in Wuhan

              In August 2019, China Bester was awarded the title of Top 100 Service Industry in Wuhan again. Our company has won the honor for two consecutive years.
            • The Top 100 Private Enterprises in Wuhan in 2019

              In July 2019,ChinaBesterGroup Telecom Co., Ltd.ranked 82nd among the top 100 private enterprises in Wuhan, and was once again included in the list of top 100 private enterprises in Wuhan.